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about I-SCAN – I-Scan Robotics

about I-SCAN


I-Scan Robotics is an international leader in innovative solutions for float glass cold end equipment. I-Scan solutions deliver measurable benefits: enhancing production flexibility, significantly boosting productivity and improving safety.

Our range of solutions translates into one-stop solutions for all facets of your cold end process, from stacking, cutting and handling to control and inspecting. I-Scan’s systems can handle virtually all standard glass products.


Our goal is to consistently provide flat glass manufacturers with long-term, innovative, safe and reliable flexible automation solutions that raise production yield to new levels while simultaneously slashing costs. Your satisfaction is our priority: We commit to the highest level of service and support.


In 1997, I-Scan’s concept of implementing robots directly on the main line to replace mechanical side-legs with stacking machines, or manual handling appeared to be radical. Today, I-Scan’s systems are implemented in leading glass companies in North and South America, Europe, China and the Middle East. On-going dialogue with customers led us to understand that traditional float cutting lines were not optimizing our revolutionary robotic unloading systems. In 2005 we launched cutting-edge float lines designed especially for robotic unloading: straight, short, simple main lines. Our deep understanding of our market continues to drive our roadmap. We have made an unswerving commitment to the glass industry, and our pipeline promises to be as innovative and cost-effective as our current offerings.


Our innovative, flexible, reliable, simple solutions reduce your capital investment, increase your manufacturing flexibility, shorten set-up time and improve safety and quality. The benefits are visible already at the installation stage because, unlike other vendors, we allow your float line to continue running while we install our systems. You barely miss a beat.


I-Scan’s team of scientists and engineers integrate multidisciplinary expertise in software, physics, optics, algorithms, electronics and mechanics, to create innovative solutions designed to meet the expressed demands of flat glass manufacturers.


I-Scan has successfully executed and supported projects around the globe. Welcoming our exceptional personal service and continuing dialogue with them, our loyal customers report that our solutions:

  • increase personnel’s safety
  • are simple and friendly
  • are advanced, reliable and flexible
  • assist them in becoming “state-of-the-art” manufacturers.
    It’s therefore no surprising that all of our customers have placed repeat orders


I-Scan is the only cold-end lines vendor that supplies the full scope of cold-end equipment: robotic stacking for SSS up to jumbo size plates, cut glass inspection system, heavy payload jumbo stacker, automatic X & Y cutting systems, automatic edge trimming, conveying, on-line paper machine, and all other cold-end equipment. Now you have one single reliable source for all your needs.


I-Scan markets and supports its systems worldwide through regional customer support offices and a network of dealers and distributors in the United States, Europe, Middle East and the Far East. Experienced engineers, service managers and sales representatives around the world are always just a phone call away from you.