The Condor Flex presents the ideal solution for a flexible production mix of split, LES and Jumbo size plates. Flat glass manufacturers no longer have to settle for inflexible stacking systems that are able to handle only one size/quality at a time using different mechanism for stopping and aligning the glass plates. The Condor Flex can pick up one Jumbo Plate or two different LES/Split size plates on-the-fly and palletize them fully automatically.


Condor Flex offers you multiple advantages:

Increased flexibility
Simultaneous handling of various sizes and qualities
Reduced set-up time
 Multiple destinations
Landscape/portrait unloading and stacking with no need for mechanical rotation
Stacking onto wide range of racks and boxes
Reduced capital investment
Installed next to an existing and running float line
Directly on the main line, no need for a side-leg/transfer
On-the-fly handling eliminates the need to stop and align the glass plates
Reduced floor space
No need for civil work preparation such as cullet system or indexing platform
On-line implementation
Perfect solution for running lines, and cold repair
Maximum safety
Provides an impressive safety system incorporating a closed zone with safety fences and switches
Improved quality
Integrated Hawkeye real-time cut-glass vision inspection system
Gentle vacuum gripping
No mechanical glass squaring